Krystyn Ryder
E. Dawn Samuel
Mia Harmon
Dancer & Actress
Nicole Wright
Actress / Vocalist
Lisa Wright
Actress and Singer
Key McKinney
Actress, singer, dancer
Elizabeth Earls
LaToya Gardner
Miriam Gaines
Dancer, Actress, Singer
Chelsea M. Hough
Dancer, Singer, Actress, Stunt Perfomer

Chelsea Maria Hough, 22, a native of Nashville is both a professionally trained dancer and singer. Chelsea has performed in more than 85 cities and countries around the world.
Her credits include, Marvel Universe Live, where she is portrayed in the role of “Storm”, one of the X-Men super heroes that control the weather, “You’re Mine” music video with Jeremiah (from the Tyler Perry’s Madea Christmas Album, “SYTYCD”, Season 10, Pam Tillis Christmas.
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