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At age three, Margot Garrett got put in her first dance class. She attended Nashville School of the Arts as a dance major and not only grew as a performer, but found her love for choreography. Margot danced on a competitive team at Cathy's Dance Studio, which then turned into Legacy Dance Studio. Nashville School of the Arts gave her many opportunities to showcase her passion, and explore herself as an artist. After graduating high school, she then created a dance company with her sister Madolyn, called "MM Dance Company." Her and her sister created MMDC to help dancers across Nashville expand their knowledge of dance, break away from their comfort zones, and grow not only as dancers but as individuals! Margot is also a part of choreography duo, "MMchoreography", where Margot and Madolyn come together as one and bring their ideas to life.

Margot is beyond excited to continue to watch dancers grow as artists! She loves hungry dancers who are constantly ready to learn more and not afraid to try new things. Her main goal as an instructor/mentor/dancer/choreographer, is to inspire dancers to be the best version themselves. She feels all dancers should leave class feeling refreshed and motivated to keep doing what they love. Her main goals as a co-founder of "MM Dance Company", is to create a safe place for any artist to grow in a no judgement environment! Margot can not wait to see where dance takes her in the future, and thanks God everyday for this art form called "dance".

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