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| Credits |


Budlight Commercial “Up For Whatever” Choreographers Dir: MugDock Pictures


Cox Automotive 2017 Choreographers Dir: Gray Matter Digital


Veridia (Evanescence Fall Tour 2016) Choreographers Word Entertainment

Rayvon Owens Showcase Choreographer (Zach)

Annie Bany Showcase Choreographer (Dorinda)

Taylor X Showcase Choreographers

Coco Jones 2013-2014 Co-Choreographers/Dancers Chor: Tessa Mendoza

CeCe Winans ASFB Conference 2011 Choreographers/Dancers Dir: Chandra Jamison


Walker Hayes "You Broke Up With Me"  Choreographers Dir. Justin Clough Sony Music

Will Thomas “Ciroc” Choreographers Dir. Dustin Haney

Veridia “Still Breathing” Choreographer (Dorinda) Word Entertainment

Veridia ft. Matty Mullins “Pretty Lies” Choreographer (Dorinda) Word Entertainment

Jake Owens “Real Life” Dancers Dir: Mark Slagle

Taylor X “A Fire” Choreographers Dir: Patrick Tohill

Taylor X “Push” Choreographer (Dorinda) Dir: Patrick Tohill

Jillee Parker “Gold” Choreographer (Dorinda) Dir: Jillee Parker

Owen Howell “Let’s Start a Party” Co-Choreographers Chor: Jennifer Nemitz

Intergalactix “Tuesday” Choreographers/Dancers Dir: Steve Codon

B.Reith “2 Steps Forward” Dancers Dir: Calvin Nowell

Anthem Lights “Can’t Shut Up” Choreography (Zach) Dir: T.K. Mckamy

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