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"Behind the Scenes: Nashville Dancers Take the Stage on HBO's Hit 'We're Here' TV Show Premiering May 10th"

David Plazas

Nashville Tennessean

Sasha Velour, Jaida Essence Hall and Priyanka donned their wigs, gowns and high heels and sashayed through the Tennessee State Capitol during the premiere last Friday night of Season 4 of the Max show “We’re Here.”

It was sheer coincidence that the television program aired a day after the Tennessee General Assembly adjourned for the year.

The show follows the exploits of three drag queens who typically visit small American cities to fight intolerance against the LGBTQ+ community by walking out in public in full drag regalia and putting on a drag show featuring community members trying to find their voice and the courage to be themselves in their hometowns.

This time, with a different cast from the first three seasons, the trio visited the Nashville area, including the city proper, Murfreesboro and Shelbyville.

They came in response to a growing number of state laws and proposals targeting the LGBTQ+ including a 2023 ban against children viewing drag shows, a law which courts to date have found violate the First Amendment.

Nashville Dancers, Solace and Chmira took the stage in Murfreesboro, TN while onlookers cheered them on!!! This episode is scheduled to air May 10th

Solace and Chmira

Drag performers and Priyanka, Sasha Velour and Jaida Essence Hall are at the Tennessee State Capitol for the April 26, 2024, premiere of Season 4 of the Max show "We're Here." In this photo, they met with state Rep. Justin Jones, D- Nashville, left. Provided By Greg Endries/HBO/Warner Bros. Discovery


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