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"Breaking into the Big Screen: How FreshTalent Scored a Big Break with Nicole Kidman's Holland, MI"

Holland, Michigan is an upcoming American thriller film starring Nicole Kidman, Gael García Bernal and Matthew Macfadyen, directed by Mimi Cave from a screenplay by Andrew Sodroski. A woman in a small midwestern town suspects her husband of living a double life but things may be worse than she initially imagined.

As well as filming in Holland, Michigan, including at the Windmill Island Gardens, principal photography also took place in Nashville, TN, with Sennott having to travel from Tennessee to SXSW in Austin, Texas for premieres of her next releases, in March 2023. Including Clarksville, TN.

Dancers booked inclued: Ali Vice, Sam Hardin, Brooklyn Littlejohn and Alex Strobel.

Nicole Kidman


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